Clinical Trial Assistant - Киев - резюме 7843

Andrii Khromykh

Дата обновления: 30.07.2020

Город: Киев

Профессия: Медицина и фармацевтика

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Образование: Высшее

Текст резюме:

Fluent in PC and office software. Also good at statistic software (IBM SPSS). Fast learner of new
possible software. Well orientated in local law in the field of clinical research and GCP (NIDA Clinical
Trials Network, CTN Experation date: 16.09.2022).

Also have good communicative skills, grammatically correct speech, and many others hidden skills.
And i like to travel a lot

About previous work:

PC and office user. Paperwork. Prepearing of arcticles from different fields of medicine. Begins to work with
local clinical research.

Also, my department was a site for at least two clinical studies before lockdown, of course.
Unofficially, I took a direct part in these studies. I studied with my colleagues the intricacies of the site as a
researcher. I got acquainted with the documentation, the rules of its maintenance, and rules of general
maintance of clinical research on the site.

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