An entry-level position in Clinical Trials - Київ - резюме 7279

Vladimir Eleni

Дата оновлення: 10.02.2020

Місто: Київ

Професія: Медицина і фармацевтика

Тип зайнятості: Постійна

Досвід роботи (років): 8

Освіта: Вища

Текст резюме:

I am young and experienced pharmacist and I am very interested in an entry-level position in clinical trials. For the time being, I reside in Chisinau, Moldova Rep. of but I am also a citizen of Romania(EU) and am willing to move to Romania or other country. 

My education in pharmacy, advanced English, as well as my almost ten years diverse experience and keen interest, are leading me to apply for this position with a strong motivation to do my best and progress in that direction. I have recently passed few trainings on GCP guidelines as well as on other related topics on clinical trials.

From my third year of university, 2009, I have worked in different positions in the healthcare system. From a pharmacy assistant to a head of a pharmaceutical branch, laboratory assistant in the State quality control laboratory, medical representative and pharmacy assistant in Cyprus.  It gave me a large prospect on the health care system, the experience in organizing meetings and working with documentation, well developed communication skills, diligence, self-confidence, feeling of responsibility and experience in operating with different types of information. As a pharmacist and as a medical representative I regularly used to prepare periodical reports for the MoH and presentations for doctors and pharmacists. I have experience in searching, structuring and presenting information.

In 2017 I have passed the TOEFL test, receiving 108 points out of 120. I have, even more, sharpened my English while working as a pharmacy assistant in Cyprus. Complementary, my mother tongues are both Russian and Romanian and I have a good level of French.

I am eager to start a career in management of Clinical Trials because it attracts me much, since it gives an opportunity for a permanent grow, never stop learning, and being at the forefront of the health science.  I also would love to work next to highly qualified specialists and be in a highly professional environment.

I have an analytical and critical thinking, I am used to work with data, I love to study and perform tasks. I appreciate a lot the opportunity to continuously enlarge my expertise and be helpful and practical.

Even if I don't have previous experience in clinical trials I am willing to put all my efforts to show myself at my best and to justify the confidence and trust placed in me. I believe my skills and drive will blossom in this job and accepting my candidature is a win-win decision. 

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